Monday, September 13, 2010


Before 9/11/10
Preparations have been made.
Brew is cooking.
I am ready to don white.
Tabla rasa.
Regardless the events ,
of the day,
All done and over.
All that matters is I am Here.
Be present.
It is all I know,
What do I want tonight?
It's not a workout plan.
Bigger pecs,
cut abs.
Tonight I am not sure
what/where I want [to go].
I am content to be led.
Whether it's through
or my subconscious.
I want to tap into the natural.
The forgotten realm
modern day has
Dispelled as superstition or myth.
The connecting thread
between it all.
What symbolism will come out.
Rhythmic chanting.
Rattling beads.
Earthy aroma.
The humid air.
Transport to the jungle
we came from.
When 6th sense kept us alive.
Even without brew, I'm feeling...
We sang to _______.
We stirred.
Imparted good energy.

Days later-
slightly dejected.
Subconscious alterations not as satisfying.
MEdicine imbibed.
Nothing feels different.
Which could be for the best.
Reiki manana.
See who/what is with me.
Will the giraffe turn to Anubis?
A question asked numerous times.
In different situations.
Why not me?!??
I had prepared for the extreme.
I dressed in accordance.
Ritual adhered to.
To eager??
Years of anticipation.
Hours or preparations.
For a millenia un-experienced...
It was a deep slumber
Should have closed the circle,
but responsibilities ruled,
phone works both ways.

1 comment:

  1. it is a journey ~ that continues...
    we shall journey together again, we can do that
    the medicine works deeply
    trust in that
    i saw the spirit that laid with you
    spirits that whispered to you as you journeyed in 'sleep'
    one can always eat cookies to make themselves 10ft tall
    yet the aya worlds work differently
    perhaps you didn't close the circle
    because the circle isn't closed yet for you

    hotep! om nama shiva ya